About us

The State Board of Secondary Education Delhi is to provide academic infrastructural and technical support to the total literacy campaign and adult education programmes in the country, especially for environment building, training, production of teaching & learning materials, literacy and continuing education programme etc. The Board promotes awareness and motivation among teachers and students in the process of national development through extension programmes. The Board develops innovative models and methods through research and field studies to create consciousness of people towards social and economic issues. The Board also prepares and promotes the cadre of resource persons on advocacy skills at different levels. The Board provides Secondary/Sr. Secondary Standard and Higher Education aboard Certificate/Diploma Courses for Adult & Drop out students through both open & Regular Mood.

State Board of Secondary Education Delhi(SBSE) wash established in 2014. It applied for registration for the development of education under Open and Distance Education and Regular system and accordingly the Board was registered under SR Act, XXI of 1860, Govt. of India, vide Let. No.00014/01/2014

The area of opening the Board is all over India and aboard. Centre for Examination are situated in almost all major cities in India and aboard,

The State Board of Secondary Education Delhi has worked hard in maintaining the high Ideals, norms and specification by the different Govt Agencies both the Central and State Government all the times with a singular mission to eradicate illiteracy, the board has marched ahead conquering inaccessible heights hovering every hurdles on its way to reflect its own identity as only unique Institution in India and villagers country where students have been able in succeed in every walks of through the means of “Open & Distance Education System.” The Board to inject and inculcate the cream of education and moral virtues, helping us to bring education at our door steps. As such education could be easily accessible in a better and democratized way. The Mission the Board( Like Diploma in Computers ) has been successful in education people at the Elementary, Secondary, Senior Secondary and Professional level courses. This nodule venture of the Board will career the needs of those student who are interested in higher educating but are unable to join colleges and universities for lack of resources and time. It is impartation education to the down trodden, backwards, detainees, handicapped, war-widow, Ex-Serviceman, minority community, ST, SC, etc at concessional chares which are unique in it self in the entire Indian sub-continent.

The Board believes in the principle-true Education inspires services to the mankind State Board of Secondary Education Delhi is non Commercial voluntary autonomous educational and social institution with the aims and promotion of education, publication of scarce unique and newly written literature, pays honour due promotion to the educations and generate new avenues for self sufficient, job-oriented Education.

Educational Methods:

  1. The Board has adopted multi-media educational system.
  2. Assignment and student support services.
  3. Printed study-material for self study.
  4. Personal contact classes.


The syllabus educational materials are prepared by faculty experts of our Board as well as other Council , Board of Secondary, Sr. Secondary Education.


As per rules of Government of Constitution facility for reservation of seats in all Programmes are available to Scheduled caste, Scheduled Tribes, War-windows, Ex-serviceman, minority community, backward, detainees and handicapped students.

Employment Opportunities:

By the Government constitutionally the seats also reserve and not getting other opportunities for employment, as per Law.

Power of the State Government to regulate non-government educational institution and registration.

Prior permission for establishment of NGEIR

Administrative recognition.

  1. Registration and administration recognition of the existing NGEI.
  2. Constitution of the Administrative Recognition Committee.
  3. Procedure for opening the Higher Classes
  4. Academic permission and recognition by Board and the Council to be governed their own regulations.
  5. Powers and functions of the Managing Committee.
  6. Scheme of Managing Committee.
  7. Appointment and disciplinary matters.